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Benefits of owning a website for your business

Mar 4, 2021

Today, people often turn to the Internet first for information about businesses and products – whether they are shopping online, or simply looking for a business’ address or phone number – making an online presence one of the most important assets for any business; not just to share information, but to build credibility.

According to a recent survey of millions of consumers by Weebly, 56 percent said they do not trust a business without a website Consumers are looking to connect with companies more than ever, and establishing an online presence through a website, blog or social channels provides a great way to fulfill this desire. Maintaining ongoing communication and providing updates on company initiatives and promotions through digital channels helps companies reach a broader audience to create and strengthen relationships and build trust, which is critical for creating the all-important customer loyalty.

With more than 25 million businesses around the globe online, those without an online presence are at a clear disadvantage. You don’t want to be one of those businesses because the many benefits of having a website for your business are significant and proven:

1-Increased Credibility

The mere fact of having a website indicates that your business is aware of today’s trends and that it is likely a serious company.
From the eyes of consumers, businesses without websites look outdated, less professional, and less trustworthy. Today’s consumers have very high standards, and businesses that can’t even bother to adapt to today’s trends and have an online presence are easy to dismiss.
In fact, a survey revealed that more than 3/4ths of people believe that a website makes a business appear more credible.
And, 56% of people stated that they won’t trust a business without a website. Scary if you don’t have one, right?

2-Get Found

One of the main reasons to have a website is that it significantly increases your business’s capacity to get found by customers.
Let us show you a stat that, by itself, should be able to convince you of the vitalness of a website:
81% of people research a business online before making the decision to make a purchase.
Your business’s reviews, accounts, and activity are seconds away from consumers. If the information here is scarce, don’t expect them to come to your store. They probably won’t even know that it exists!

3-A Powerful Marketing Channel!

Your website is an excellent place to promote your products and services. It can help you get new customers, retain customers, and increase the number of purchases made by each customer.
A website is an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Without it, your other options are very limited. Traditional marketing methods such as TV, radio, banners, and fliers are proven to be a lot less effective and, at the same time, more expensive!

4-It’s Cheap, Yet Very Profitable

Setting up a website may seem like too big of an obstacle to handle. The truth is that it is much simpler than you think.
Many website builders have a relatively easy process that you can learn if you put in the time (even if you’re not tech-savvy).
And, if you want to leave the website building to the hands of experts, you can find SKILLZAT agency that will do the job for you at a very affordable price.

5-Saves Time

Customers, for one reason or another, will need to communicate with your business. They may need questions answered, to schedule an appointment, help with a product, and a myriad of other things.
In many cases, this information can be displayed on your website, saving you time (and money) on dealing with phone calls and inquiries.

Once a business establishes a solid online presence, making smart marketing decisions that get customers to its site is critical. A business’ online presence should be at the center of its marketing efforts, and a domain name should be at the center of every online presence. It’s up to businesses to garner customer interest, and building and investing in an online presence is one of the most effective ways of doing that. It’s our pleasure in SKILLZAT to do all of that for your business.